I am Marcia Cantarella. What is interesting about me is that my life does not look at all the way I thought it would when I was a college student. My plan was to accept a one year job at Time Magazine in London while I waited to be accepted in Law School. Not what happened. What happened was a marriage, a child, a part time job as a substitute teacher, a divorce, a job in advertising, a job in the new field of corporate public affairs, a second marriage and 2 stepkids, a new job in marketing, leaving the corporate world to consult on women and work, a consulting assignment at a college, a job at that college, earning a doctorate while working in the same university, a deanship at an Ivy, widowhood, a Vice-Presidency at a very different college, another deanship, a consultancy, a book, many boards and committees and 6 grandkids. The only consistent thing has been my apartment and neighborhood!

My story could be yours. You will find that your life after college will be full of unexpected twists and turns. But what you do not see in the story above is the way the dots connected and the choices made and the mentors, friends and contacts who helped and supported along the way. Indeed my story is what the future will look like for you in that what you majored in during college will likely not relate directly to where you may end up though it will be useful wherever that is. You will have many options to explore but will need to find what is right for you. You will be more dependent on others than you imagine. And that is a good thing.

My Role as a Coach

My role is to help you see your own opportunities and strengths. I am here to help you create a vision and a path that can lead to options for your future. The path will not be linear. You will have questions and concerns about what is taking place in your life as it unfolds and it is our task together to help you ask the questions and see the pathways or solutions that are right for you and feel most comfortable. There will be times in school or work when you feel like a stranger in a strange land and want to figure out how to navigate this terrain and we can explore it together identifying your own strengths and challenges so you can figure out the right way for you to proceed.  You will be supported but this is work you do on the inside and the questions I ask based on my experience and training will be meant to have you uncover your own solutions that you can own and embrace.

Terms of Our Work Together

  • You will come with an issue you want to explore and address and a commitment to do the work to resolve that issue.
  • You will be ready to take the time and resources to achieve your goal.
  • You will commit to a scheduled time to meet.
  • You will honor your commitment to compensate me for my time with you.
  • I will be available to you during our regularly scheduled meeting times and will be responsive as needed and reasonable by email or text and phone within prescribed limits.
  • I will focus on you when we are engaged in our work together, listening to you and what you have to say (or may not say…)
  • I will ask questions and maybe offer an idea to launch your thinking in new ways.
  • I will care about you.

My hours will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons between 2-4, Thursday mornings from 8-10AM  or Tuesday evenings from 6:30 -8. Limit two sessions a week per client.

Work can be in person in NYC or by telephone.