About Marcia Y. Cantarella PhD

Marcia Cantarella has been an Associate Dean at Hunter College, a Dean at Princeton University and part of the Dean’s staff at New York University’s College of Arts and Science and Vice-President of Student Affairs at Metropolitan College of New York. In these functions she has been responsible for academic advisement, career development, preparation for postgraduate fellowships, development of diversity programs, as well as admissions and student services and strategies to generally enhance students’ academic experience and outcomes.

Are Boomers and Millennials Mirror Images?

Do boomers and millennials seem to be on different planets? Why are so many employees who are new to the job market having trouble adjusting? Are their new companies and managers adjusting to them? The reality is boomers and millennials mirror each other. I am a child of the ‘60s—a boomer for sure. We [...]

Top 10 Best Educational Websites

I Can Finish College is proud to be awarded the Top 10 Best Educational Websites Making a Difference Award from HowtoLearn.com. Check out their website for the complete Top 10 list.