About Marcia Y. Cantarella Ph.D.

I have had success in working with students in a variety of contexts.
On every campus where I have served my role has been to listen to, guide and advise students. There have been hundreds. This book has been a compilation of all that guidance given to lead students to their goal of graduation.

In addition I have tried to use my responsibilities to enhance other resources on campus or bring them to student’s attention. At NYU I took what had been a remedial program for minority students and turned it into a program around achievement and community, engaging over 200 students in the College of Arts and Sciences every year and turning out untold numbers of doctors, lawyers, MBAs and scholars. At Princeton where I had oversight of the junior class and also post graduate advising, I revamped the Grants Guide as the key tool for students to find scholarship and fellowship information and I engaged in outreach to women and minority students, in particular. As a result there was a wider range of diversity of students of color and women applying for and winning prestigious fellowships. At Metropolitan College of New York which serves mainly women of color and adult learners, as a Vice-President, I had responsibility for both Student Affairs and marketing/communications. I was able to learn what students did not know and assure that the website and other media delivered clear information. At Hunter College, I created a communications strategy around success which has led to a solid Black Male Initiative Program on that campus. I also oversaw the creation of new websites for students interested in medical school, law and post-graduate fellowships or programs. This resulted in reduced pressure on overtaxed staff and provided students with the information they needed, including the fact that you do not have to major in sciences to be a doctor or political science to be a lawyer.


I have spoken to groups of faculty on communications needs at several historically black colleges. I have spoken to many groups of students on the need to open up and ask for what they need to know and do. I continue to serve on boards and committees which support efforts to strengthen educational outcomes for our students. I have a doctorate from New York University and a Bachelors degree from Bryn Mawr College. I have also worked in the corporate world in public affairs and marketing. I have taught courses on business, money and work at NYU, Hunter and Princeton. Most important to me is that I remain in contact with a great many of the students I have served over the years and many of their stories are part of this book.

If you have any questions or feedback for me, please contact me here . I look forward to your comments and any additional resources that you think might benefit the students about whom we all care.