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“I am excited about the students who will have the honor and pleasure to read this book.
It's like something picked right out of my brain! This is incredible!“
-- Endri Horanlli, Hunter College Graduate

“I am very impressed by how thorough this book is. Most folks (including myself for a short time) don’t realize the value of checking their campus emails, nor do they realize the range of career choices that certain majors open up. I like that Dr. Cantarella examines a breadth of issues, many of which I faced myself.  --Donavan L. Ramon, Doctoral Candidate, Rutgers University

book is so great. It’s kind of like taking all the information we’ve been told and a bunch we haven’t even come across yet, into one handy source. It’s something I plan on taking with me to college this year and using as much as needed!!
--Morolake Thompson, High School Student

“The book will be an invaluable resource to parents as well as college-bound students.”  --Carol Oliver, Ph.D., Director, McNair Program, Hunter College

book is written in a way that appeals to me and I know it will appeal to many student's my age. This book will be an amazing resource that student's preparing for college and in college can benefit from. As I was making decisions about colleges, this guide answered all of my questions and helped me through this journey. This book is truly amazing!--Madilyne Paniagua, High School Student

"I recently finished reading through Dr. Cantarella’s trailblazing, all-encompassing student guide, “I Can Finish College: The Overcome Any Obstacle and Get Your Degree Guide.  And, I know that if I had this as a resource I would have come out of college with less debt, more mentors, and perhaps even more internship experiences to prepare me for what I experienced in graduate school. You must read this book!!" 
Shawn Best, Coordinator, CUNY Black Male Initiative Program

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